1st January

Start the New Year The Boat Inn, Stoke Bruerne 12.00 noon
23rd April St George's Day The Boat Inn, Stoke Bruerne 7.00 pm
1st May Evening dance out The Robin Hood, Clifton Reynes 7.30 pm
6th May Irthlingborough May Fete Village Green, Irthlingborough 1.00 pm onwards
8th May Evening dance out The Foresters, Nether Heyford 7.30 pm
12th May Festival Black Prince, Northampton Afternoon
18th May Moulton weekend Moulton, Northampton All day
5th June Evening dance out Pomfret Arms, Northampton 7.30 pm
8th June Nether Heyford fete The Foresters, Nether Heyford Afternoon
12th June Evening dance out with Hereburgh Merrie Lion, Fenny Compton Evening
19th June Evening dance out with Stony Steppers White Hart, Grafton Regis Evening
21st June Midsummer dance out with Brackley Brackley town centre Evening
28 - 30 June Our weekend of Dance Northampton area Weekend
5 - 7 July Blackheath weekend Beckenham Weekend
10th July Evening dance out Nag's Head, Great Linford Evening
18th July Evening dance out Toddington village Evening
23 - 25 August Saddleworth Rushcart Uppermill, near Oldham Weekend
13 - 15 September Golden Star weekend Norfolk Weekend
21 September Northampton Moris 70th anniversary Northampton town centre All day
19 October Lichfield festival Lichfield city centre All day